Give your customers a reason to share your brand with their personal & professional network through Our Mouth Publicity Tool

Best Features of Mouth Publicity Tool That Help You To Launch Your Mouth Publicity Campaign

Get exact count of clicks

Not just views, get exact count of clicks

Not just views but you can see the total number of people who clicked the link which you can compare against different types of social media platforms.

Give your customers discounts and gifts

Give your customers discounts and gifts after they complete the challenge

As the customers are putting a lot of effort to complete the challenge, you can give them with various discounts and gifts.

Never miss an event to celebrate

Never miss an event to celebrate with your customers

Don’t miss any opportunity you get to celebrate with your customers by sending them fresh updates about your business or special festive/birthday offers.

start sending message to your customers for free

who it is for

anyone can use it like

simple steps to make your customers as marketing team

Design your offers in no time

Design mind-blowing offers with our eye-catching, easy-to-make templates within just a few minutes to save your valuable time

Design your offers in no time

Define the simple tasks for your customers

Create simple tasks (like, sharing your social media post, follow your facebook page and drop a google review of your business etc) for your customers with a simple drag and drop widget.

Define the challenge

Setup a challenge program that works within few minutes

Give your customers discounts for boosting your mouth publicity. They just need to complete the given challenge. The pre-decided discounts can be immediately availed by the customers

Setup a challenge program

Not just views, track the clicks

Get the exact number of clicks that your post and campaign messages have got and measure the reach of different social media pages to enhance social media activity.

Track the clicks

Full control over your business word of mouth campaigns

Regulate your business word-of-mouth campaign and keep it under your supervision without any trouble

Word of mouth campaigns

Get your happy customers to share about your business anytime, anywhere with