Content marketing tools are nowadays in supreme demand for running successful marketing campaigns. This is because the content leaves a lasting impression on the people.

There are countless content management marketing tools in the market.

Let me introduce you to the ultimate all-in-one tool for all your marketing needs., the mouth publicity media tool is the ultimate solution for your marketing campaigns. It covers at least 80% of what you need to create, promote and manage high-performing content marketing on a single platform.

So whether you’re just starting with content marketing or you’ve been at it for a while, I'm pretty sure that will help you get the most out of your time and energy.


1. Content Marketing Tool to Send Bulk Messages.

Whatsapp and SMS are the most prominent tools when it comes to communication. You can send personalised messages to your customers using our Personalised Messaging feature.

Just create your message ( choose a message from the message templates or create your own message), share it with your audience, and analyse each click on your content on the Dashboard. This means you can reach your audience with your latest content instantly via Whatsapp and SMS.


2. Content Marketing Tool for Social Media Management social post is a feature for managing your social media posts with social media metrics.

You can use the Social Post feature to create and share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and even gain audience insights, views, and clicks at-a-glance.

We have readymade eye-catching templates in the social post feature to save time. Once the post is ready, you can post it on multiple social media platforms with just a single click. 

Analytics IS what does best. It’s easy to find extra and unique clicks on your post.


3. Content Marketing Tool for Designing Offers

Instant Challenge & Share Challenge features can be used to quickly design amazing offers. The offers can be customized with different templates available. You can add images or videos to the offer to give discounts and gifts. is a tool that gives you different options to give discounts and gifts to your regular customers. You can give discounts to the customers in the form of cash per click (Cashback) , Fixed Discount, Percentage Discount, or a Gift.


4. Content Marketing Tool to Get More Shares

Share Challenge is a unique feature that will encourage your customers to share about your business. Share Challenge feature sends promotional content to your customers and your customer shares your content in their network. In return, the customers will get discounts and gifts for the mouth publicity they have done for you.

How to get started with the Share Challenge app

  1. Create an offer
  2. Set share target
  3. Set reward
  4. Share with the customer on the counter
  5. Let customer complete target
  6. Once done! Avail them with a Reward

It allows you to automate sharing of content between a network of your customers.

Use Share Challenge to curate promotional content that your customers will find value in, and then promote it in their network.


5. Content Marketing Tool for Driving Traffic to your Website 

If you’re having trouble generating enough website traffic, Share & Reward is a great option.

Just integrate any page of the website with Share Challenge app using the “ My website page” feature.

Create attractive promotional content, set a target, and share it with your customers and see them sharing it in their network and growing your website traffic.


6. Content Marketing Tool for Driving Traffic to your Social Media Channel. Instant Challenge app is a social media growth tool that covers your customers on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter followers.

Just set the target of the social media pages you want. You can ask the customer to follow, like, or comment on a specific post. Reward them back with a small benefit for being your follower instantly on the counter. 


7. Content Marketing Tool for Personalized Wishing

Personalized wishing is a great asset for maintaining a happy client relationship. Personalized Wishing app lets you greet your customer effortlessly and automatically on their special day.

Just once draft your customized message which would make your customer feel special. Save your customer's data and let work on it.


8. Content Marketing Tool for Performance Insight.

You can use Dashboard to get all updates about your contents analytics and performance. 

You can very easily check who is clicking on your content, and how clicks are unique and extra. You can discover which is your high-performing content.

9. Content Marketing Tool for Link Building, Link Promotion, and Link Tracking provides the easiest way to create, measure, and manage URLs link creation with superior analytics, more tools, additional customization, and less expensive. 


10. Content Marketing Tool for Sharing Bill Updates Whatsapp API provides the easiest gateway to send billing updates directly on customer WhatsApp. Just integrate your billing system with API and send all your billing updates, alerts, and notification in one click.



So now what’s going on in your head? Is even this for real. Yes, it is! is one of the ultimate mouth publicity media tools which helps in every marketing practice. What's surprising?? It’s pocket friendly too. 

If you’re looking for even more marketing tools, look no further. Don't browse a hundred Browse through one now and get everything in.