Have you ever blocked an unknown number on WhatsApp because they spam you with their promotional messages?

Rightly so, no one deserves to go through countless messages from businesses that keep on trying to convince you to buy from them. It gets annoying for the people on the receiving end of those messages. They end up blocking and marking the business as spam, which in turn increases the probability of the business getting banned.

It hurts the businesses, yet they continue to do so. It’s because they think it works. And, they are right. It does work if done correctly.

Studies show that WhatsApp has a 98% open rate which means that customers open 98% of the messages on WhatsApp, unlike email which has an opening rate of 16.97%. This makes businesses do everything in their power to target consumers on WhatsApp. But doing it the wrong way will only cause them harm. This is where WhatsApp marketing templates come to the rescue.

What are WhatsApp Marketing Templates?

WhatsApp marketing templates, also called Highly Structured Messages, are messages that are pre-defined and pre-formatted to allow your audience to engage with you. These can be used multiple times to connect and converse with your customers or potential clients.

According to WhatsApp, a conversation means any number of messages that are sent and received by the business in 24 hours from the first interaction between the user and the business.

A conversation can be initiated by the user or the business. This categorises the conversation into user-initiated conversation or business-initiated conversations.

User-initiated conversations

A user-initiated conversation is a conversation where a customer or a potential client reaches out to a business on WhatsApp themselves without the business reaching out to the client first in 24 hours.

That being said, a business cannot respond to the user after the 24-hour window is over. This rule of WhatsApp ensures that the customers are responded to promptly.

Business-initiated conversations

A business-initiated conversation is a conversation that begins when a business texts a user outside of the 24-hour window. The only problem is that the messages can only be sent in the form of message templates. This is the most significant use of WhatsApp message templates.

Additionally, WhatsApp Templates sets a standardised procedure that ensures the smooth operation and branding of business with a pre-decided tone and language. It also helps save time as everything is set already.

These templates help brands

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Drive high-quality engaging conversation
  • Deliver prompt and timely customer service

Moreover, these help you plan your communication accordingly with a solid strategy and write in a way that isn’t considered spammy and promotional. Writing of such WhatsApp message templates can be incredibly challenging.

Businesses have been trying out various WhatsApp marketing templates to find the one that’s working for them. To make things easier for you, we have curated five proven templates that have been working for different industries. These templates have worked well for businesses that have used the Personalised Messaging tool. These tried and tested WhatsApp templates helped businesses build deeper relationships with their customers and give a boost to their sales.

5 Proven High-Converting WhatsApp Marketing Templates To Boost Your Sales

1. Buy One, Get One (BOGO)

πŸ€‘ Get 2 at the price of 1 πŸ‘—πŸ‘—

πŸ–οΈ Beat the summer with the trend-setting Summer Dresses you’ve been eyeing onπŸ‘€

Buy one, get another absolutely FREE!

Valid till 8th May βŒ›

2. Festive Offers

🎁 Claim your FREE Diwali Gift Before It Expires πŸ€‘βŒ›

 Wishing you a very Happy Diwali [Name] πŸͺ”

Get your FREE Giftcard worth Rs 1000 🎁

On a minimum order value of Rs 1999!

Valid only for 24 Hours βŒ›

3. Events Announcement

πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊYou’re invited to our Gala night. Join us this weekend! 🎢

We are hosting a party this Saturday!
Celebrate a decade of memories with us. It’s our 10-year anniversary party, woo-hoo πŸ₯³

🍹 Join us for a night full of music and dance with FREE Drinks on your order. 🍸

RSVP by responding YES for 50% off on your order this gala night.

4. Product Launch Announcement

We have Good News for you πŸŽ‰

Thought you could use it to impress someone special πŸ˜‰

With more than 1000 units sold, our New Smudge Proof Mousse Lipstick is stealing hearts and is an ABSOLUTE favourite among our customers! 

And that's why we want you to have it too!

Flat 50% off for First 100 CustomersβŒ›

Apply the code [Code] at checkout.

No minimum order is required. 

5. Sales Announcement

[Name], we found The Perfect Gift for your loved ones 😍❀️

Valentine is approaching, so are the anticipations! 🀞

Our Exclusive Valentine Collection is 60% OFF for the next 48 hours. Get your gift wrapped perfectly in silky smooth paper absolutely FREE!

Shop Now!

These templates are great and easy to use. However, at times, it happens that a customer reaches out to you and you were not able to get back to them in the stipulated time. You will need another template to help you with that and resolve the queries of your customers. 

Respond to Your Customers After The 24 Hours Have Passed With These WhatsApp Marketing Templates

Template 1:

Oops, looks like you reached out to us outside of our working hours. Hence, we could not reply on time. Please respond to this message with a quick thumbs-up πŸ‘ and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

Template 2:

Hey [Name],

We are extremely sorry for not being able to get back to you. We’d love a second chance to discuss whatever you want to discuss. Reply with a thumbs-up πŸ‘ and our team will get right back to you as soon as possible, we promise!


WhatsApp Marketing Templates have proven to be extremely effective with customers. They can be used for different purposes, such as lead generation, sales, announcements, updates, order details, transactions, and more.

This makes connecting with customers easier for businesses. Building relationships with your customers is the smartest way to grow your business. Your customers are the gold mine you have been sitting on, yet are unaware of. 

Most businesses don’t know how to leverage their existing customers to bring in more customers. However, you’re in for a treat. MouthPublicity.io is the only tool that lets businesses use word-of-mouth marketing to grow their business through their existing customers.

Additionally, it has a free add-on tool that lets you send personalized WhatsApp messages to your customers and you can utilize these templates that would help boost your sales.

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