If you’re a business owner, you’re sitting on a gold mine you don’t even know exists.
Sleepless nights, sipping your tea or coffee, working hard to make things work… Sounds relatable, doesn’t it?

Running a business can be challenging and terrifying,

especially when you’re on your own.

Starting from scratch, navigating through obstacles, learning as much as you can, and implementing it all by yourself.

The what if runs high.

Moreover, things often don’t go the way you want them to go.
That can be incredibly disheartening and frustrating.

Despite all the hardships,

Running a business can also be rewarding.

You get to follow your passion and do things the way you have always wanted to.

You have complete autonomy over how you want to run your business, and how your products and services should be.

The personal satisfaction it brings can be very fulfilling, especially when achieving milestones, not to mention the financial rewards.

Every successful business owner is always on a hunt.

The hunt might be for:

  • answers to the problems they are facing
  • customer acquisition
  • making more sales
  • marketing

or anything and everything altogether. 

However, on their hunt,

They often overlook the resources they already have. 

And if they do, they either don’t know the potential of their resources or how to tap into the potential of those resources they already have.

Every business has some resources or the other. 

However, the common resource that every business has is its customers.

Customers are the gold mine of the business for more reasons than you know.

Most businesses see their customers as the lifeblood of the business because the business wouldn’t survive without them.

But, there’s more to the story than you know.

There’s so much more that the customers can do for you.

This often gets missed due to various reasons.

The most common reasons being

limited perspective and limited knowledge


Immediate challenges faced by business owners.

But if you knew how to leverage your customers,

Your Business Will Never Be The Same Again.

Believe it or not, your customers can change the way your business works completely and for the better.

They have the solution to almost every problem that a business faces.

Here’s what your customers can do for you.

Increase your Reach Organically

People talk. They are social creatures.

People spend an awfully large amount of time on social media. They fear missing out.

How often have you visited a cafe because of the hype created by other people?

Customers talk about businesses. They love showing off.

However, it is upon us to give them a reason to.

This works not only for the hospitality or event management industry but literally any.

Here’s a free workbook that you can use for your business to give people a reason to talk about you.

Become A Trusted and Reputed Brand

You can never become a trusted or reputable brand without your customers.


People notice.

They notice both your online presence as well as your offline presence.

They are more likely to trust you when they see others around them trusting you.

When your customers can attract complete strangers on the street, think about how they could influence the people in their network.

You can always leverage the power of your customers’ influence.

Build Robust Social Proofs

What is the first thing that you do when you’re looking to buy any product online from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, or any other e-commerce website?

Check the reviews, right?

What do you do when you hear about anything new that has opened in your city?

Look for it online?
Look for what people are saying about the business?

Reviews and testimonials

help a business sustain itself.

Customers are not likely to purchase from you if you have no social proof.

A 2021 report by PowerReviews revealed that over 99.9% of customers look for reviews when they shop online.

OuterBox disclosed that every 8 in 10 shoppers check online reviews about a product when they are already in-store.

Reviews and testimonials are important for both online and offline businesses.

Start building robust social proof through your customers.

Become Your Sales Machine

Your customers can sell and market your business more effectively than you can.

What your customers say about you > What you say about yourself

People trust recommendations from their peers more than paid advertisements.

What makes your business grow exponentially is

Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

Word-of-mouth, when done strategically, brings in

High Returns on a Little Investment.

It is completely organic.

Word-of-Mouth also allows you to - 

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Acquire new customers
  • Retain your existing customers
  • Increase sales, revenue, and profit

Here’s the thing.

You know the importance of your customers in growing your business.

However, you don’t know -

How to Turn Your Customers into Your Sales Machine?


Reward their efforts.

Don’t keep giving your customers discounts for no reason when you can leverage those.

Convert them into your mouth publicity marketing team for free with 

MouthPublicity.io - The Only Word-of-Mouth Management Tool

Set up Simple Tasks
for your customers such as liking your page, leaving you a review, and more to initiate word-of-mouth for your business.

Broadcast Your Social Media Posts
In the network of your customers

Monitor and Track
the progress of all of your customers through a single dashboard.

Reward them for their work
With discounts, gifts, and more

Additionally, MouthPublicity.io comes with 3 Add-On Products to provide personalised experience to your customers.

Don’t let your hidden sales machine rust.

Start building organic campaigns for your business that works with MouthPublicity.io.