Marketing the product is always tough. Launching your product without promotions and advertisements is worthless. Entrepreneurs are investing countless days in marketing their content. Everyone wants to grow their business on social media but they are worried about targeting the right audience on the right places like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. 

Now let’s start discussing the one and only way to grow your social media presence without spending too much money. is one of the best ways to create and boost your social media presence. is a publicity media tool that helps you boost your brand image just by creating and sharing promotional content.of your brand

But how does helps business owners in building their social media presence? features like Social Post and Instant Challenge are helpful in analysing social media presence most efficiently.

1. Instant Challenge

instant reward

The Instant Challenge feature works best for your social media business. Instant Challenge helps in giving discounts to your customers. Just select the template, add your social media links, and set the discounts for the customer for completing the specific challenge 

At the time of billing, send it to your customer, and ask them to complete the challenge. Once the customer completes the challenge, give them the amazing benefits you have set. You can offer a small 10% to 20% discount on their purchase.

Instant Challenge converts your own customers into your social media followers. This will cut your marketing costs on paid campaigns for growing followers and brand reach and makes use of your marketing money on your potential customers. With MouthPublicity your marketing budget is spent on your own customers, that too after increasing your social media presence.

Once your customer is connected with your brand’s social media pages, you can always keep sending them updates and offers. 


2. Social Post

social media post

Social Post helps in posting and analyzing the content of different social media platforms in one dashboard. You can design and post the content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at the same time and get the total number of clicks of the content on a single dashboard.

All the above can help you grow your social media presence while saving money on your marketing budget. Now, you can target the right audience on your social media. provides customers with what they expect from you, to be a part of your journey while also encouraging your customers to talk about your business. You can now make your customers promote and talk about your product in their neighborhood and help you to grow among the community. assists you with organic social media growth. 



Always keep in mind that it's better to keep fewer followers instead of keeping your customer as your follower. helps in cutting your marketing costs and giving fruitful social media growth. Captions and photos are the main part of a post, provides these in the form of templates similar to flyers virtually that can help you grow on social media without spending money. is the best way to grow your social media presence naturally.