1) The dashboard can track, analyse, and get all the statistics from ICE and Invite Friends.

You can see the total social media actions taken by your customers, the total number of clicks received through Invite Friends, and the number of people who have subscribed to ICE and Invite Friends.

2) You can also see your account balance, track it as well as recharge your account.

3) Additionally, you can switch between the statistics and view data for a Week, Month, Year, or All-Time, i.e., Max.

4) You can also have a quick overview of the progress of your account setup.

It also helps take you to the setting that you’d like to change with just a click!



Meaning And Difference Between Unique And Extra Clicks

A link to your offer, your social media post, or your landing page is shared by your customers with people in their network. Upon getting the desired number of clicks on the link, the customer gets a reward in the form of a discount, cash reward, a free gift, etc.

1) Unique Clicks: When someone clicks on the link shared to them via Invite Friends for the first time, it is known as a Unique Click.

2) Total Clicks: The total number of clicks received on the link shared to them via Invite Friends is known as Total Clicks.