Instant Customer Engagement

Instant Customer Engagement

Instant Customer Engagement helps you boost your social media pages, posts, offers, or website through your customers. Your customers engage with you digitally and receive a reward in the form of a discount, cash reward, free gift, etc. through our reward management system.

1) You add all the tasks you’d like your customer to complete in exchange for a reward on their purchase.

2) You decide the minimum number of tasks that a customer should complete to be eligible for the reward.

3) You fix the reward for the customer.

4) You can also preview the offer and the tasks created.

5) The toggle button over WhatsApp and SMS allows you to share ICE with your customers on the respective apps.

6) If you’d like to remove a task that you’ve added, you can simply delete it.


  1. To create or add a new task, click on "Add Task."
  2. The list of supported platforms is provided and clicking on the tasks within them will show you the steps to add that task.
  3. You add the task by adding the link to your page, post, or website.
  4. Once you have added a task, you can select everything you want your customer to do on that particular post, profile, or website.

For example,

Website - Visit

Social Media - Like, Comment, Visit, Follow, Subscribe

Google My Business - Review



  1. You start by defining the minimum number of tasks that a customer needs to complete to be eligible for the reward.

  2. You choose how you’d like to reward your customer amongst Fixed Amount, Percentage Discount, Gifts, and No Reward.

  3. Fixed Amount is the cashback you offer whereas percentage discount is the discount you offer to the customer on their purchase.

  4. You can also set the maximum amount a customer can receive as a discount. For example, 50% off up to Rs 150.

  5. Gifts can be any product you offer or just anything that you want to reward your customers with.

  6. If in case you do not want to reward your customers, you can opt for “No Reward”.

  7. If you’d like to share an image of your offer or a description of your offer, you can do that as well.

  8. Once you’re ready, you can hit “Publish”.