Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I register twice with the same details on MouthPublicity?

No, the system does not allow you to register with the same details twice.

No, with MouthPublicity, you can't create any social media pages. You can just add and track social media activity to your offer page or social media platforms through MouthPublicity.

In case you are logged in go to profile (on top right corner) > Recharge Now > Just go to the Pricing page, select the amount according to your business need and you are all set to go live with your Business features. In case you logged out then you can directly recharge from the pricing page.

Recharge with to use Pro Features.

We are happy, you decided to walk one step ahead. You can visit and review pricing to upgrade. is built with the concept of offering true power-of-mouth publicity media to all businesses. This tool will individually just work on increasing business reach and will also give detailed analytics of your brand reach.

Customers can redeem discounts, once they complete the challenge set for Instant Customer Engagement or Invite Friends.

As a business owner, you don't have to provide any coupon/redeem code, as your customer completes the challenge they will receive a coupon/redeem code from MouthPublicity, which will be redeemed upon the completion of the challenge.

Sorry, we won't provide any refund policy.

As MouthPublicity provides QR code facility so that customer can directly scan and get the link or you can manually share the offer via send challenge

No! You just have to provide an offer to your primary customers, who have subscribed to an ongoing Instant Customer Engagement, and completed the target you have set.

No! however, you can track customer's targets and achievements for a respective offer on the MouthPublicity dashboard. Whereas your customer will receive the redemption code from MouthPublicity as they complete the challenge and will come to avail the offer to you. is a mouth publicity tool to increase your brand reach by sharing your business content on customer's WhatsApp. One can easily register their business on and create and share their business offers with their customers through

Instant Customer Engagement is the fastest way to grow your social media presence. In an Instant Customer Engagement, you need to provide customers with an instant benefit on their recent purchase and ask them to visit and follow your social media pages.

Invite Friends provides you with different features like Cash Per Click, Fixed Amount, Percentage Discount and are the best way to grow your brand reach. In this, your customer subscribed to Instant Customer Engagement will receive the offer link via WhatsApp and ask them to share it in their network with some specified click target. Once the challenge is completed by the customer, you can offer them future benefits on the next purchase. is the organic mouth publicity media marketing tool that runs on the idea of organically spreading the word for business through its customer and growing brand reach. also offers a detailed analytical view of each penny invested and helps you in micro-level targeting of customers. Whereas Digital Marketing helps your market your business on a vast level.

Yes, your data is safe with For more details click on Privacy policy.

Yes, you can still use and create offers by using customised templates.

Yes, you can use to create offer content and promote it to your customer base on their WhatsApp.

A big Yes! With, you can create tasks from Instant Customer Engagement and share them with your customer and increase your social media followers.

Yes, You can use your website URL for creating and promoting your business offer.

Yes, you will get access to all our features. You can review the pricing.

No, you can freely get registered just by entering details like your name, contact number, and email and and access all the features free for lifetime.

We have a track record of each click from the user and it is visible on the dashboard, while redeeming the offer he/she has to share their unique code which will be received on their number. Thus avoiding cheating from the system. For more details, you can check our privacy policy here.

Mobile has been a priority to promote offers. Our templates are mobile-friendly which makes your offers look amazing on mobile! Each template is designed to be mobile-friendly.

Yes! You can grow your social media followers by Instant Customer Engagement campaign. You select Instant Customer Engagement and can ask your audience to like/follow your social media pages and offer them instant benefits.

Yes, allows customization for your offers. It has multiple pre-designed templates you can choose according to your business needs and create attractive offers.

The error in Opening a link or accessing it will occur only and only if there is an internet connectivity issue. Kindly check your network connectivity once, if you still face the issue please contact +917887882244

Once you have designed the offer go to create challenges and create the challenge you want according to business need and then to share it go to send the challenge, you can print the QR code or manually enter the details and share the offer. You can share the link by adding a WhatsApp number.

Click on forget the password, enter the registered email id or contact number, you will then receive a link on your registered email id and WhatsApp number, next reset the password Go to the link, reset the new password and you are all set to go with your new password.

Go to, click on the dashboard on the admin panel, Have a look at the clicks of all your customers right there on a single dashboard.

Once you are registered with, you can design challenges for your customers, and social posts too, for your social media followers. you can grow your customer reach, and also grow your social media presence.

There is no validity of the link. If the offer ends and the customer comes to avail of the benefit. You need to offer them the same offer they are subscribed to, to benefit at that time.

You can stop the active offer and then create a new offer.

Yes definitely! You can use to easily create and promote your business offers.

Please go to settings and change your location.

You can observe and analyse all statistics of your customers on the dashboard.

Yes of course, you can use SMS services to send offers on

Automated Social Post will help you to increase your social media presence.

This is free from MouthPublicity with the plan.

Unique Click - If a person opens the offer link once it is calculated as a unique click.
Total Click - If a person opens the offer link one or more than time is calculated as total click.

Statistics show present data on the next day or you can see the last 7 days data at a time.

In the admin dashboard in the statements option.

Yes, you can add video while creating an offer by using our offer template.

For removing the employee from the employee list.

If you have any questions, just feel Personal to talk to us 24x7 i.e., anytime, from anywhere. Connect with us on or +917887882244.

Yes, You can use for small as well as large-scale industries.

It provides a platform for multiple billing systems and employee details.

No, the employee can share the offers but can not create offers.

No, not required to be a WhatsApp user. but a WhatsApp number is mandatory to share the offers and posts.

If your current (On going) offer is running with a particular date then it is called schedule. If your Up coming offer is running, without any specific date then it is called unschedule.

There are three ways to create an offer

  • By using template
  • Custom offer – My website or Upload image

According to your choice you can customise the offers by using templates, after that continue to offer details page. Here you have to put your offer title and description with start date and end date. After completing all the processes your offer will be created.

Same procedure with custom offer as well, but in a custom offer you have an option to put the URL of your website.

In Instant Customer Engagement reward setting is most crucial after that you are able to send the challenge. There are two ways to send the Instant Customer Engagement to the customer via Send and redeem or By scanning QR code.

In Invite Friends reward setting is crucial, without setting you are unable to send the Invite Friends. After that auto share setting is also significant before sharing the challenge.
Here, business owners are able to set a particular time duration on which timing duration Invite Friends is sent to the customer. 2hrs, 6hrs, 12hrs, 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs etc. As per setting, customers will get a Invite Friends.

In the dashboard contact section is available, here you have to import the contact list and download the files then your data will be updated. After that you can see there are two options available. Existing group and Selected group, select any one browse the file and upload it.

V-card means a visiting card of the business owner. If the offer expires and the customer opens the offer link then the v-card is visible to the customer instead of the offer.

When your offer expires and then the v-card is visible on offer link to customer if the customer is subscribed to the offer.

In the dashboard on top navigation bar, a QR option is available. There are 3-4 designs available on QR, and select the design. Business Owners are able to download QR and print it also.
Here is one condition: your reward setting and instant task will be updated after that you are able to download the QR code.

You can recharge immediately or use it for free. It's up to you.

You cannot launch or run any advertisement services with as it is a pure organic marketing platform developed to amplify word-of-mouth. Although you can use your advertising digital content (Banner image /Video/Flyer) to launch your word-of-mouth marketing campaign to reach new potential customers.

  1. Open your WhatsApp app on your mobile device.
  2. Click on the top right corner.
  3. Select "Linked Device" and then click on "link a device".
  4. Scan the QR code with your WhatsApp scanner.
  5. Your WhatsApp will now be connected to