Design Offer - Users now have the flexibility to choose ready-made templates.

Our team has been working hard to provide you with the ultimate user experience. Our goal is not limited to gaining new members but also keep our current MouthPublicity Family engaged.

Recently, has restructured our Design offer to better align with our customer’s needs. 

Previously, users were limited to selecting either ready-made templates or designing templates within the Website Page feature. Additionally, there was no calendar function available to view scheduled posts.

However, with our new feature update:

  1. Users now have the flexibility to choose ready-made templates, upload pre-designed offers, or incorporate a website URL when opting for the "Custom" template.
  2. Furthermore, it is now possible to schedule offers, which can be conveniently tracked on the calendar.
  3. The calendar includes a colour specification feature that helps identify specific offer dates.

These enhancements provide users with more diverse template options, the ability to schedule offers and an organised visual representation of their scheduled posts.