“Share and Reward” is now “Invite Friends” - Now you can choose the time duration for automatically sharing your post on social media with customers. 

Exciting product feature updates are here! Say goodbye to creating multiple offers individually, You can create the offer once and simplify the process. No more sharing offers manually! 

Earlier, the user had to create 3 different offers in the categories of Cash Per Click, Fixed Amount and Percentage discount individually. Now, you can create the offer at once in a go in the Invite Friends!

Now the " Auto Invite" setting is here, you can choose the time duration for sharing with your customers automatically. 

Want to target specific contact groups? Now you can with the " Send Invites" feature. 

Plus, enjoy the flexibility of selecting a gift option while selecting the discount type. With these enhancements, you can streamline your promotions and focus on running a single, impactful offer. 

Upgrade your experience today!