Design offers simply in minutes

Design multiple offers according to your needs using our stunning readymade templates and choose the template suitable for the business. You can also use social media links, business logos, and images to design an offer. Once the offer is created, save the offer to use it whenever you want to launch the campaign.

Design offers simply in minutes


Set up custom Discounts

Create and set up the discount you want to give to the customers from various options available like the fixed offer, discounts, gifts, or cash per click. Select the offer and you can keep the offers updated as per the requirement to get your challenge program aligned and sorted.

Set up custom Discounts


Modify and provide challenges to the customers

Decide the challenge you want your customers to complete. You can ask them to follow, like, or subscribe to your social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube. Ask them to visit a website or ask them to give a review on google. The challenges are easy to perform and can be completed within a few seconds.

Modify and provide challenges


Send the challenge link to customers

Use the redeem button on the active offer to enter basic customer details and send redeem code to the customers. You only need to enter the name and mobile numbers of your customers. After the details are entered the offer will be shared directly with the customers and that too in just one minute.

Send the challenge link


Confirm Discounts against action through the redeem code

Confirm details of the customers using a redeem code. The customer will share the redeem code with you and as the customers are doing the given challenge, it will increase the social media activity on your page, which in turn will increase the number of followers and likes on your social media page.

Confirm Discounts against action

Ask your customers to promote your business in their personal network

Invite Friends

Give your customers a challenge to share your offer in their personal network. Give your existing customers gifts and discounts. Watch your existing customers bring new customers to your business!

Invite Friends

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